Weather & climate in the Seychelles

Think tropical when you think about Seychelles weather. This island nation in the Indian Ocean has high humidity with very little variation in the temperatures throughout the year. Relaxing on the beach is always just right with the sea breeze blowing in and the sun beating down. The mountainous regions such as Victoria are a bit cooler and have more rainfall than elsewhere, but nothing excessive. Average rainfall is approximately 142 inches per year in Victoria. It’s 114 inches in Mahé.

July and August are the coolest months, but even then the average low is only 24 °C (75 °F). Seychelles weather is hot December through April with March and April being the hottest with highs around 31 °C (88 °F). May through December is considered the most pleasant time to visit with the light breezes, reduced humidity and warm temperatures.

In addition to the mild Seychelles weather, the sea is also warm year round making Seychelles a perfect diving locale. The water temperature on average is 24 °C (75 °F) to 29 °C (85 °F). A 4mm shorty wetsuit is generally sufficient unless you plan on diving in deeper waters off some of the outlying islands.

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