Seychelles Honeymoons

Seychelles honeymoons are the most romantic getaways imaginable. As you make your way to the idyllic tropical country of Seychelles you’ll be dazzled by the blinding white sands and sparkling waters surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees. There’s no better place to cap off your wedding celebration! No Seychelles honeymoon would be complete without some pampering, romance and relaxation. Many of the island resorts and hotels found throughout the islands of Seychelles offer intimate villas where privacy is paramount. Luxury resorts such as Le Meridien Barbarons have thought of your every comfort so you won’t even have to leave your room if you don’t want to. The stunning Hotel Club Chauve Souris is located on a private island where you’ll be accommodated in villas that have been built right into the surrounding rocks.

If you think of adventure when you think of Seychelles honeymoons, places such as Albizia Lodge may be more your style. Albizia is a mere 5 minutes from beaches that offer diving, fishing, snorkeling and more. They can also help you rent bikes, find hiking trails or take in some bird watching. The best part of Seychelles honeymoons is that no matter where you end up staying or what you end up doing, you’re guaranteed to feel revitalized.