Flights to the Seychelles

Flights to Seychelles can be obtained through a number of discount websites as well as directly through the airline you choose to use. The most popular airline is Etihad Airways. A close second is Blue Panorama Airlines. Air Seychelles rounds out the top three. Flights to Seychelles generally land at Seychelles International Airport in Victoria. This is a good central location on one of the main islands. In total, there are 6 airports in Seychelles. Praslin Island Airport is the second biggest airport, so if you take a flight to Seychelles you’ll probably end up at one of these two.

For such a relatively small country, the number of flights that come and go is pretty high. Every week a minimum of 266 domestic flights and 112 international flights leave from the Seychelles International Airport. At least 259 domestic flights depart from Praslin Island Airport each week. Non-stop flights to Seychelles are available and the Seychelles International Airport offers non-stop flights out of Seychelles to 12 different cities. Flights to Seychelles aren’t the only way to experience flight in Seychelles; it is possible to take small plane rides to some of the outer islands once you are there.

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