Berjaya Praslin Resort – Praslin island, Seychelles

Berjaya Praslin Resort – Praslin island, SeychellesThe beautiful luxury Berjaya resort on Praslin island in the Seychelles is located on one of the most beautiful parts of the Seychelles, the island of Praslin has been a long term favourite of people visiting the wonderful islands of the Seychelles, and there is something very romantic andCheck Price UK GBP Sterling private about this paradise island. Praslin island is only small, at roughly 10 kilometres by 4 kilometres, at about 45 kilometres North east from the main island of the Seychelle, Mahe. The Berjaya Hotel is located on Cote D’Or beach, voted one of the most beautiful beaches of all time – I can certainly vouch for that. A must see whilst on Praslin is the wonderful Vallee de Mai Nature reserve, a UNESCO World heritage site – which is a lush jungle where the Coco-de-mer tree grows naturally, an incredible sight.

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